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The Life Changing Benefits of a Daily Journal...

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Write it out. Have you ever just wished in a moment that you had a therapist on call? Usually when I step into therapy after a few sessions under my belt i feel like I'm running out of things to talk about. Then the next day I will have some sort of need for my therapists' ear in the immediate NOW. That's when i grab my journal and start writing. Vociferously, sometimes stream of consciousness Sometimes VERY HARD on the paper. I begin. My thoughts are scrambled and I am breathing heavy and there may be tears in my eyes. But I am getting IT OUT. Physically. For me to look at. Somewhere in the writing and pouring the feelings out of my physical body, my mind is relaxing. I am having breakthroughs (much like I would were I talking to my therapist). I finish up and note how my perspective has changed. Sometimes I need to take a walk after. Sometimes i read and re-read what I've put down so that I can see if it's complete. I revise and i process. In the coming days weeks months and even years I will come back to this entry and will have so much more perspective on whatever the problem was.

Sometimes the simple act of pouring it all onto the page is all we need.

May I suggest:

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