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The Magic Wand

No one is going to show up at your front door with a certificate and shake your hand and tell you

“Congratulations! ready to live the life you've always dreamed of! Here is your certificate from the Gods and your road map of how to proceed!”

If you’re waiting for that knock, for the divine intervention, the perfect time, or even just the whisper of inspiration, here’s a thing: It will probably most likely never come. If you want a magic wand—some secret formula— here it is: daily imperfect action. A little bit a little better every day. That’s truly it.

And I can tell you its the motherfucking hardest thing to start.

You can honestly stop reading now and get to work. That is basically the premise of the whole blog:

1. No one is going to save you

2. Take imperfect action pretty much every day if you really want the thing you say you want.

I’ve just saved you so much time, just go do the thing now. I’ll wait.

Still here?

Think about this:

Weight loss culture— our brains love the idea of a quick fix. We want a pill or a surgery or a smoothie to help us lose 15 lbs in a month or whatever the gimmick is. We like the idea of living our lives and just being able to purchase the solution and put in minimal effort for short term fixes.

But then— think about a friend you havent seen for a while. And they are glowing. And they look amazing and fit and happy. You ask them how long it’s been since you've seen them…6 moths? a year? What is their secret? What are they taking?

Their answer is so offensive:

They hired a trainer and work out every day, they eat whole foods and protein, they prioritize and made habits out of their goals. They stopped drinking or cut way down. Maybe even have been seeing a therapist. Oh damn. They look so confident and happy and whole.

Maybe the key really is earning it?

Maybe the secret is and has always been to just do the thing.

A wise woman once told me "The goddess provides, but when she shows up she needs to find you working."

I have felt the presence of this so many times.

With every action we take we are opening the door for her.

Try to have fun with it. It will get easier, I promise.


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