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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

There are certain things that if i do them in the morning, I know I am going to have a better day. I will feel and look better. I will have more confidence and energy. It's a few simple things. Nothing expensive or too time consuming.

As with most things: simple is best.

1. I allow myself to look at my phone for a little bit. I KNOW every other "wellness" person is going to tell you to go straight into your day, but let's admit that we like looking at our phones and give ourselves a little grace. I usually allow myself about 15 minutes of guilt free scrolling before I pop out of bed. Sometimes a little more. sometimes a little less.

2. I make my bed. Simple. This is important. Just do it. Every day. Your space and its tidiness are important for metal health and the small act makes a big difference. Especially if you're like me and it takes multiple outfit changes before you decide what to wear so you have a pile of clothes on the bed before you leave the house.

3. GUA SHA or some sort of facial massage. This act of self care I practice almost every morning. Giving my appearance some love and flushing out stagnant energy. I've timed myself and i can do a whole face and neck gua sha in 3 minutes. Another short and sweet act that makes a giant impact. If you'd like more info on the life changing practice of gua sha, head over to my instagram @pepperleecbd and in my highlights there is a tutorial.

4. I MOVE! I work out almost every morning. Usually I weight train for about a half hour or 20 minutes of cardio. It's a manageable amount of time and it wakes me up and gets the blood flowing. Also if I know my workouts are short, I can't use the "I don't have time" excuse. Everyone has 20 minutes. Especially for something as important as exercise. And I urge you, if you don't or feel like you don't wake up a bit earlier. Movement is the single most important thing you can do for yourself, Without this foundational act of self love and discipline, the rest of life simply can not be as successful. I know this on a cellular level. And if you are someone who moves their body every day, you know it too. We are nothing without our health.

5. I eat the same breakfast every day. Does this sound boring, or like sweet relief? almost every morning it's: veggie scrambled eggs, a piece of toast, coffee and water. It's protien, carbs and...delicious! I switch out what veggies I use and usually add a jam to my toast. But I don't have to reinvent the wheel every morning and wonder about what I'm going to make. Think of Steve Jobs and the black turtleneck. Find what works and stick with it. Almost all nutrition and health experts say starting your day with a steady and consistent diet is the best way to ensure good nutrition throughout the day.


Incorporate any or all of these practices to your morning on a regular basis, while giving yourself some room to "mess it up" and you will without a doubt have better days, which lead to better weeks which lead to better years which leads to a better LIFE.

And that's what it's all about!



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