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The Community:

Sharing in the struggles

Celebrating the wins

Forging a magical path forward for your ONE PRECIOUS LIFE


Forming bonds and



Staying on track to

Your big dreams



Support Lives In Community.

Let's build it.

What Exactly Is 
The Community?

A weekly Group
Where we change our lives together.

Hands Up

Who Is The Community For?

Are you:


A small business owner or just beginning a side hustle?


A "solopreneur" looking for

community and collaboration?


Want to start something but don't know

where to begin? 


Already successful but having trouble zooming out?


Craving objective support?


Need time to work "on" your business instead of "in?"


Just wanting to meditate and chat in a sacred

space with amazing people?


A hype woman and love to feed off of a group's energy?


Curious about the magic of coaching and want to see what all the fuss is about?


Looking for a breakthrough?


Me Too!

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A Few Questions Answered:

What if 

I can't make it to the live calls?

Recordings will be emailed for you to watch whenever you please!

How long are the calls?

One Hour 

Do I get personalized coaching?

Yes!  Maybe not every call, but there will be calls that we do some one on one coaching!

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! Although I would recommend staying in any coaching container for a minimum of three months to get the results you're after.

Who will be in the group?

Other like minded humans with amazing stories and ideas that are looking to call in the magic.  It is rolling enrollment, so people will come and go, but the container will remain for as long as you choose to stay.

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